Our GDPR Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:


Information we collect:

The personal details that we collect from our customers consists of:

Name, address, telephone number, email address, preferred method of communication, preferred method of packing, delivery day, account number, round number as well as laundry sent and payments made.

The lawful basis on which we hold this personal data is that this data is necessary to provide our service to you (contract).


How long do we keep that information:

We keep details of all current customers. If you have not used our services for more than 12 months we will write to you and ask us if you still wish us to retain your details. Any customer can contact us and ask for their details to be removed from our database and, provided your balance is not in credit/debit, we are very happy to do so.


How we store and use that information:

Your personal details are held securely on our specialist database and we use that information to enable us to perform our service to you and to record payments made to your account.


Email communications:

We will only send you emails that specifically relate to the current service we provide to you or to relay essential information. We will not use your email address for any other purpose without your specific and active consent and we will never pass it on to any third party or allow them to use it to contact you.


Sharing your information:

We will not pass on (and never have passed on) customer details to any other organisation or third party.


Accessing your information:

If you wish to access any information we hold about you please contact us and ask.