We have modernised over the years so we can meet the demands of today’s market meaning we offer our customers the highest level of service, whether they be domestic or commercial.

About us

We believe the way ahead lies in quality work, sensibly priced, too many laundries compete on price rather than quality. For Sealclean customers, attention to detail is important. Finishing is mostly done by hand; few laundries will go to such trouble.

In 1933, an article in Town & Country commented that “Sealclean Laundry provides the highest obtainable standard of laundry, comparatable with the best blancheries of France at charges which are no more than those ordinarily charged”.

The writer Eva Floyd added “the most modern equipment has been installed, the human factor remained of very great importance and the greatest possible care had been exercised in the selection and training of staff”.

We pride ourselves that should an article be written today, over 70 years on, the same would be equally true.

1930’s machine ironing sheets